GEAR: Phillip Boys’ Gaberdine Cargo Shorts

Our Phillip Cargo Shorts are a winner!  There’s a pocket for your snack, another for your notes and one for your handball, you can’t go wrong with these.

School shorts

GEARE: Phillip Boys’ Gaberdine Cargo Shorts

GEAR: Ross Microfibre Shorts

Our Ross Microfibre Shorts will give you the perfect fit and finish to your school day!

Sports Shorts

GEAR: Ross Microfibre Shorts

New Products have Landed

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New Products In Stock


At Made For School we love expanding our range so that our products are not just great schoolwear they’re also great for sport, playing and adventures.  This year we have expanded our range and we’d like to introduce you to them.  If you would like to enjoy more time with the kids, then order all your schoolwear online at Made For School and we’ll take care of the rest.


GEAR: Poidevin Raglan Panel Sports Polo

Soft on the skin and undeniably stylish, our premium cotton rich Poidevin Sports Polo is the perfect fit for your team.

Polo Shirts Online

GEAR: Poidevin Raglan Sports Polo

The Cotton Back Collection

Cotton Back Collection

Cotton Back Collection

Keeping your cool in the classroom or on the court is not easy when the temperatures are high.  Our Cotton Back Collection has been designed to keep the kids cool.  These products feature moisture management technology so that moisture is wicked away keeping the kids cool all day.  We are excited to show you our expanded cotton back options and we’re sure the kids will love them too.  Order these cotton back products and all your school uniforms online at Made For School.



GEAR: Cowan Check School Dress

Your girls will look and feel great all day in our Classic Cowan Check School Dress.  Spend time doing what you love and enjoy school uniforms shipped to your desk or door with Made For School.

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Cowan Check School Dress

GEAR: Lawson Library Bag

waterproof library bag

GEAR: Lawson Library Bag

Librarians all over the country love our Lawson Library Bag.  Made from waterproof fabric library books are now safe from banana explosions.

GEAR: Daley Cotton Canvas Library Bag

Our Daley is perfect for the avid reader in your family.  Made from sturdy cotton canvas our Daley will keep the books protected no matter where they go.

Library Bags

GEAR: Daley Cotton Canvas Library Bag

Library Lovers Day 2018

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Library Lovers Day

Roses, chocolates and proclamations of love will be enjoyed around the world on Wednesday for Valentine’s Day. Some lovers, share a different passion. One of divine pleasure, of twists and turns and a scent that can be intoxicating. That’s right, it’s Library Lovers Day on Wednesday!

What is not to love about a new thriller, a romantic dream or sharing someone’s life and dreams through an autobiography?

Get ready to head down to the library with your favourite library bag, and slowly caress the spines and delicately choose your date for the next few nights. Of course, you can always download a new e-book but does it really give you the joy and heady scent of those pages?

Whatever you choose, grab your library bag and get ready to enjoy Library Lovers Day on Wednesday!



When Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, you’re in for a grin!  Share today’s joke with your valentine, or the kids.



Happy Wednesday!