Water Balloon

Grab the template and instructions below to make your own!

It’s finally warming up, and as it does these bring sunny days get you wanting to be outside and soaking up the warmth and sunshine. But while you can easily slip on a great UPF rated shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat, how are you going to cool down? PROJECT: WATER BALLOON is here to help!

Like all Origami, our PROJECT: WATER BALLOON is going to take some practice, but you’ll crack it in no time. We’ve included the Instructions and Template in two separate files so you can just print out a single copy of the Instructions and a whole bunch of Templates to get you you going.

Print them out then go find yourself a secluded location, grab some scissors or a ruler to cut the template down to a square and you’ll be set to prepare your arsenal. Once your stock pile is ready, they fold out to nothing so you can easily sneak them outside to the garden tap. Inflate the balloons with a strong puff then gently fill them up from the tap. Once your stockpile is ready your all set to make a splash :) See how high you can throw them, and how far the water goes when they hit the ground.

And remember – be careful out there!


Click for printable Instructions in PDF



Click for the printable Template in PDF



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