Sight Word Salad

Sight Word Salad

Sight Word Salad

Learning to read can be a difficult for some children while others just seem to race through the reading levels.  Miss 9 was a racer while Master 7 has taken longer to gain the skills but has just hit a love of reading stage which is very rewarding.

To help children to learn there’s quite a lot, you can do.  Firstly having books as part of their world from a young age is a bonus.  We have always read to the kids as part of their bedtime routine so they know it can be a fun and rewarding skill to have.   Another important thing to do is role model your love of reading.  Role modelling reading has been difficult for me as I’m not a reader, and I’d choose something else to do instead but if you are a reader then take the time to let the kids see you reading, even if it’s just the local paper or school newsletter.

A big thing that has helped Master 7 is sight words.  I find that when we do them regularly it helps his reading and writing immediately, and he seems to take another stride forward.  Of course just reading the words is not enough to get him excited so I’ve had to get creative with our words.  We’ve enjoyed Sight Word Swat, Sight Word Toss, and here we’ve created Sight Word Salad.

It’s quite easy, simply grab a big salad bowl, your sight words on cards, paper or whatever, we had the table tennis balls left over from the toss game, so we used those.  Grab a pair of tongs and have the child read out the word they grab with the tongs.  If they get it wrong, throw it back in the salad and toss it around again.  Master 7 loved this game so if your little one has to do sight words as part of their homework then have some fun with it and show them that reading is enjoyable rather than hard work.


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