Spelling Word Activities

sight word activities

Spelling Word Activities

Homework is often loathed in this house by my son because he’d rather be outside riding his bike or playing with a friend and who can blame him?  I’m always on the lookout for easy and fun ways to make homework go easier at the end of a school day so we can whiz through it and get into some fun before dinner.

My son loves find-a-words so I have started to put his spelling words into a find a word and then he has to circle them and spell them.  It’s super easy to do and you can do it whilst the kettle boils for that well-deserved cuppa at the end of the day.  Head over here, enter your words and hit print.

Here are some other fun ways to practice spelling words;

  1. Write them on the steamy shower screen with your finger,
  2. Fill a large container with shaving foam.  I like to use a cheap cat litter tray, they’re great for heaps of fun things with the kids like sensory trays,
  3. Chalk on the driveway or pavers outside,
  4. Secret words – use a white candle and write the words on a piece of paper, then colour over them with some water coloured with food dye.  This one is lots of fun but messy so be sure to pop on the art smock first.

What are some fun spelling word ideas you use at your place?


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