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Presence or Presents?

It’s so easy to get caught up with the run-away Christmas train. Buy this, get me that, spruce up, entertain, clean up, then bang, back to work. Don’t get me wrong, I have an above-average obsession with Christmas. As I write this my neighbours on each side are cringing at the twinkling eye-sore we have flashing in our front yard, this year the Mrs added Christmas songs too.

But anyway – so it’s too easy to get caught up in a Christmas whirl-wind and wake up with a January regret that maybe you didn’t focus on the right things over the time with those you care about. I read a great blog earlier this week on a similar line of argument – Focus on giving Christmas Presence rather than the Presents. Any parent knows there is nothing little kids really crave more than our real, undivided attention.

So this weeks quote is all about remembering that if you stop and ask yourself, you probably want to get a lot more from these next few weeks that a stack of boxes you won’t care about in a few months. And who better to remind us than the Grinch himself!

Bad Dad Joke: What do Lions sing at Christmas?

Ok, it’s officially Christmas around here. Rat Pack Christmas is on constant loop here in the office, we finished the Christmas lights on the front of the house around 10pm last night – just in time (or egged on because of) the local Primary School inaugural Christmas Lights competition – judging starts sometime this week. With only a week and a bit of School Term left for the year, there must be a nation of School Boys and Girls busting for the man in Red to land, there certainly are in our house.

This is the first submission we’ve had for the Bad Dad Jokes – send in any others you think are bad enough to deserve a place here in such esteemed company. Say this one out loud, can you tell the nationality of the guy that sent it in? Hint: There aren’t any Lions where he’s from…

My Niece’s Mud Map of Australia

I couldn’t resist posting this. It’s my 6yo nieces hand drawn map of Australia – how cool is she!

6yo's Mud Map of Australia

6yo’s Mud Map of Australia

Training Wheels Are Off!

Our First Shipment

Our First Shipment

Come check it out:

It has been seven months since we first started out on this adventure. We’ve spent months getting everything ready, and can’t wait to get going. Yesterday we completed our final test sending the first satchel of goodies out into the big wide world. Earlier this morning it made it’s way to its destination. Elated, it was time to grab the spanner and rip the training wheels off!

We have a huge range of Australian School Uniforms and Sports Uniform online ready for you when you need it. Leave the queueing to someone else. WIth 1,072,927 items in stock right now, we’re ready to ship right around the country, straight to your door or desk. You’ll also find a whole lot of our gear suitable for Mums and Dads too.

This little clip sums it up perfectly:

Take a minute to go check out the site. We’re busting for feedback, so if you notice anything we could improve – let us know either in the comments below or email them to

Speak soon,


Apple Camp for the School Holidays

Epic Scene from Empire Strikes Back - Luke & Darth Vader Battle

“No, I am your father.”

I still remember the School Holidays just after I saw Empire Strikes Back – I would have been in Third Class I guess. It was either Cricket or Tennis camp that filled up the mornings, then I spent the afternoon trying to make stop motion reproductions of my favourite scenes. Back in those days editing was fast-forward/rewind, record, that was it. The sound track was full of me yelling at my sister to keep quite, she was too young to recognise my genius.

Well this Summer School Holidays Apple is running their “Apple Camp” with a focus on film making for 8-13 year old School Kids at their stores right around Australia. The course is made up of three 1.5 hour courses where the kids learn how to shoot video, make their own sound track with Garage Band and finally how to bring it all together in iMovie. My kids are busting to get along, but little Ms Kindergarten is going to have to wait a few more years.

Places are filling up fast to head over to the Apple Camp page to read about the course, and get your kids signed up before the places are all gone.

Apple Camp

Apple Camp is on again these school holidays

Quote: Kids remember what you are


Jim Henson - Kids remember what you are.

Jim Henson – Kids remember what you are.

Have a great week!


NSW Junior Debate Championships

This week the Arts Unit is running the NSW Junior Debate Championships. Congratulations and best of luck to everyone who is participating this week. Debating is one of those skills that is often poorly valued until much too late in our lives, it is fantastic that you’ve all found it so early in yours, you’ll value what you’re learning now for the rest of your lives.

Gangnam Christmas Lights!

Gangnam Christmas Lights

Gangnam Christmas Lights

I’ve noticed the decorations starting to go up, and not just in the shops, around here some front gardens are starting to get in the festive spirit. I’ve done a crazy front garden light show for the past few years and it looks like this year I’m going to have some competition. I went looking for some inspiration and I think I’ve found the global winner – big call I know but this one is insane!

BAD DAD JOKE: And lo, God stood back from his creation

I’ve been dragging this theme through such old jokes I thought I’d try to find something a little less staid – but fear not, you’ll still be able to Droll-Roll with it :)


BAD DAD JOKE: And lo, God stood back from his creation...

BAD DAD JOKE: And lo, God stood back from his creation…


Have a great week,


Bad Dad Joke: Eureka Tower

This week’s Bad Dad Joke is dedicated to everyone that ran Eureka Climb. There are some great pics and posts from the day at the bottom.

I’m pretty sure I heard a few different takes on this joke as I was growing up, each time the tallest building in the country was dethroned by a new up start it gets re-hashed. So like most of these jokes this one is well worn. Not that I’m quickly particularly quick to the re-hashing either – my daughter is only six months older than the Eureka Tower, they could be in Kindergarten together, though we don’t have school pants big enough to fit it :) If you’re a Queenslander I know you’re already thinking this joke should be about Q1, but I’m not going to get into a debate about aerials and roofs. I’ve just gone for the highest roof in Australia as the judge of tallest building. You can debate it on wiki talk :)

Over the last six years thousands of School Children from around Australia have had a chance to get up onto the observation deck at Eureka Tower. So many in fact that the tower now hosts fun School Holiday things for kids to do over the break. You can follow their mascot, Deckstar to get all the details and keep up to date with their plans for the upcoming Summer School Holidays, there’s only a few more weeks to go!

Bad Dad Joke: Eureka Tower

Bad Dad Joke: Eureka Tower


Have a great week!