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GEAR: Higgins Classic Plain Polo (Short Sleeve)

Our Higgins Classic Plain Polo will brighten your day in 25 different ways.  Choose a colour and shop polos for school and play online today.

school polo shirts

GEAR: Higgins Classic Plain Polo

GEAR: Perry Sport Skort

There’s nothing plain about our new Perry Sport Skort.  Featuring built-in shorts for added coverage, it will be the new summer favourite at school.

School Skorts Online

GEAR: Perry Plain Skort

Celebrating Girls

Celebrating Girls Day 2018

Celebrating Girls Day 2018

Today is International Day of Girls, a celebration aimed at raising awareness not only of the issues that Girls face, but also what is likely to happen when those problems are solved.

Earlier this year, we had a great celebration at the office when NSW Public School girl students benefitted from a change in policy many people were waiting to see.  The change in policy now allows girls to choose pants, shorts, skirts or dresses to wear as their school uniform.

At Made For School, we know that comfort and confidence in class means less worry about clothes and more attention give to learning.  We have always had a large range of School pants, school shorts, school skirts and dresses available online but it’s great to see our girls getting a choice.

Happy Girls Day, lets see what the next 12 months can bring.


GEAR: Petrie Excursion Bag

Fill our Petrie Excursion Bag with everything you need for holiday adventures with the kids.  It can handle a splash or two so it’s perfect for an Aussie Summer.

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GEAR: Petrie Excursion Bag

GEAR: Mullagh Cotton Bucket Hat

Our Mullagh Soft Cotton Bucket Hat is perfect for cricket, beach days and all the adventures of school holidays.  Enjoy the great outdoors these holidays when you shop school uniforms online at Made For School.

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Gear: Mullagh Cotton Bucket Hat


GEAR: Ransford Sports Bag

Perfect for sports gear and sleepovers in the holidays.  Our Ransford Sports Bag can swallow anything you throw in it.  Shop summer school uniforms online and enjoy time with the kids these holidays.



GEAR: Roberts Art Smock

Time to have some fun in the holidays?  Grab our Classic Roberts Art Smock to keep your walls and clothes clean whilst the magic happens.

School Art Smocks Online

GEAR: Roberts Art Smock


GEAR: Watson Sport Skort with Contrast Piping

Our Watson Sport Skort has in-built shorts for added coverage whether they’re cartwheeling or sitting.  Order your summer uniforms online today at Made For School.


GEAR: Creswell Sport Shorts

Our Creswell Shorts provide excellent moisture management, keeping you cool, fresh and ready to dominate the field.

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GEAR: Creswell Sport Shorts

GEAR: Bennelong Jacket in a Bag with Concealed Hood

Be prepared for when the rain does finally fall with our Bennelong Jacket in a Bag.  The clever design means the kids will always be prepared to walk in the rain.  Shop school uniforms online at Made For School.

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GEAR: Bennelong Jacket with Concealed Hood