Tricks for Tying Shoelaces

Tying shoelaces

Tricky Shoelaces

We’ve hit the transition from velcro to laces this year and whilst Miss 8 has had lots of practice at bows Master 6 isn’t so confident.  Miss 8 practised for many year with her keen interest in wrapping presents, it was a great way to practice on larger pieces of ribbon and not shoelaces straight away.  With only a few weeks left of the holidays I am determined to help Master 6 accomplish this skill so I set out to research the best way of doing this.  Not only did i discover many ways of teaching this skill I also learnt there is a huge variety of ways to achieve the same goal, who knew?

There are poems you can teach the kids to remember the steps for tying laces and then there’s the good old-fashioned way of tying laces like a gift bow.  I’m not sure either of these methods will be successful for Master 6 so I’m going to give these magic fingers trick a try.  Failing that we’ll be back to double knots to make sure the laces are done up all day long and he’ll continue to remove his shoes effortlessly without undoing the knots!

Have you tried any of these methods a try?  Which ones have worked in your house?


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