What’s in the Bag?

Packing a school bag

What’s in the Bag?

Can you believe it there’s only a few weeks left of the school holidays!  I don’t know about you but I love the holidays and so do our kids.  Slow days, skeleton of a routine, catching up with friends and enjoying all the great things about summer.  Whilst I will enjoy being able to complete a task without an interruption I will miss having the kids at home and the ability to stay in our PJ’s until dinner if that’s what we want to do.  So to make sure that I enjoy every second of the holidays I’ve decided to get ready for school this week so I can enjoy the last weeks of the holidays without a worry.

First on the back to school list is replenishing the supplies in the school bag.  I always make sure they have a jacket in a bag stashed away for rainy days.  If you haven’t seen this jacket in action then check it out here.  It’s a lightweight rain jacket which folds in on itself and zips up into a squishy bag.  It is by far my favourite addition to the kids bags as it means no thick and sticky rain coats or remembering of umbrellas this jacket in a bag stays in the kids bag all year-long.  I’ll also be packing a lightweight jacket  in the car for when summer becomes Autumn all too soon and I forget to remind them to pack a jumper.

Next is a labelled school hat.  My kids use theirs during the holidays as these soft shell bucket hat with crown cord squish into any backpack we take with us.  They provide fabulous sun protection and are lightweight and cool, better still they stay on Miss 8’s head no matter what hairdo she has decided to wear.  So my task is to pack these away so the kids can’t find them for the next 2 weeks.

Getting ready for school means being ready for art and craft although Miss 8 enters primary this year she is hopefully art and craft will continue.  My favourite art smock is our waterproof one as it doesn’t show the paint, protects the uniforms and can be washed throughout the year.

Finally I’m making sure they continue to use their waterproof library bags as these not only protect the library books but also save me from paying fines thanks to squashed fruit which hasn’t made it to the bin but the bottom of the school bag!

I also grab a small make up bag to hold a packet of tissues, a small packet of wipes and the necessary hand sanitiser for when the soap runs out.  On the loop I attach a tube of sunscreen on a carabiner clip so there’s no excuses for not putting it on.

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