Bad Dad Joke: Eureka Tower

This week’s Bad Dad Joke is dedicated to everyone that ran Eureka Climb. There are some great pics and posts from the day at the bottom.

I’m pretty sure I heard a few different takes on this joke as I was growing up, each time the tallest building in the country was dethroned by a new up start it gets re-hashed. So like most of these jokes this one is well worn. Not that I’m quickly particularly quick to the re-hashing either – my daughter is only six months older than the Eureka Tower, they could be in Kindergarten together, though we don’t have school pants big enough to fit it :) If you’re a Queenslander I know you’re already thinking this joke should be about Q1, but I’m not going to get into a debate about aerials and roofs. I’ve just gone for the highest roof in Australia as the judge of tallest building. You can debate it onĀ wiki talk :)

Over the last six years thousands of School Children from around Australia have had a chance to get up onto the observation deck at Eureka Tower. So many in fact that the tower now hosts fun School Holiday things for kids to do over the break. You can follow their mascot, Deckstar to get all the details and keep up to date with their plans for the upcoming Summer School Holidays, there’s only a few more weeks to go!

Bad Dad Joke: Eureka Tower

Bad Dad Joke: Eureka Tower


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