Bad Dad Joke: Cane Toad Lives

Can you feel the heat? What a way to welcome in 2013! With all of Australia’s School Kids at home to enjoy the heat I hope you guys have planned in some cooler activities over the coming weeks. Switch the Tennis Camp for Swimming Camp! If you’re getting really heated up – don’t forget to print out and make up our Water Bombs, perfect for heat control :)

We’re back in full swing ourselves this week, the Back-To-School rush is just starting with a flood of great gear shipping out today. If the thought of queueing in this heat doesn’t have fill you with excitement, jump across to our store and do your back to school prep from cool comfort of you desk or lounge :)

So this week’s joke, and oldie (like all of them) but I tried this one a bunch of kids last weekend, every one of them eye-rolled and groaned, try it out yourself!

Bad Dad Joke: Cane Toad Lives

Bad Dad Joke: Cane Toad Lives

Find a pool and have a great week!


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