Hey Monkey

It’s Back to School in our house today. My 9 year old son is feeling particularly impressed with himself being such a big man going into year 4. He’s showing off how responsible he is, packing his own School Bag, reminding us he needed to pack a raincoat after this weekends crazy weather etc. Needless to say now he’s such a big man he’s pretty sure he should be walking at least 20 meters in front of his mum on the way to school.

The pride didn’t stop there though. After my dismal Sheep joke last week, he is convinced he could come up with something far worse. So today’s Bad Dad Joke is actually a Bad Kid Joke, though he’d be insulted by the diminutive title change. Suffice to say this apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree.

Can you do worse? Drop your joke in the comments or email it to and we’ll publish it here sometime!

Bad Dad Joke: Hey Monkey

Bad Dad Joke: Hey Monkey

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