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Howitt Ankle School Socks

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Howitt Ankle Socks with Turnover Tops

Our Howitt Classic Ankle socks with turnover top are the best school socks in Australia for finishing off your uniforms in style and comfort.

These socks are so popular that the style that we have been making them for decades and you know when you’re on a winner you can’t change. Howitt ankle socks are made from a plain knit blend of cotton, nylon and elastane which makes them a dream to wear in both sneakers and school shoes.

Sweaty, stinky feet are never a delight at the end of the school day, so the cotton rich fabric in our Howitt school socks is great for moisture protection.

The soft touch fabric and classic design make these the best school socks in the classroom. The turn over top not only finishes these socks off in style but they also add an extra layer of protection when the handball is slammed at your feet.

These classic socks are available in 6 classic colours to match your school uniforms during the week and your activities on the weekend. Available in sizes 9-12, 13-3 and 2-8 we’ve got school socks covered.

Shop school socks and school uniforms online in your own time at Made For School and enjoy fast shipping to your desk or door Australia wide.