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Put Your Feet Up, Shop Winter School Uniforms Online

school uniforms online


Autumn weather is just around the corner and after the amazingly long summer we don’t want you to get caught out by the change.  The school holidays are the perfect time to tidy the bedrooms, clean out mouldy fruit from the school bags and check that all your school uniforms are ready for the next term.

There’s no need to drag the kids around the shops trying on uniforms when we have over 1.3 million items in stock.  At Made For School we understand that life is busy and quality time with the kids really is what matters so we’ve got a great sizing chart online so you see can how our garments fit before you buy.

Of course not everything in life goes smoothly so our great returns policy means that you can return anything that doesn’t suit.

Save time for fun these holidays, grab all your winter school uniforms online.  We’ve got a huge ranges of track pants, long pants, jumpers, vests and jackets, shirts, beanies, skivvies and more at Made For School.

Zip Out the Chill with Free Shipping


Zip out the chilly mornings and get the kids winter wardrobes sorted with Free Shipping on all Jackets and Vests.  Take a look at some of the great Jackets and Vests we’ve got at Made For School, Shop winter school uniforms online today!

Sylvia Harper, Aussie Tennis Legend


At Made For School we celebrate Aussie Icons through the names of our products.  Today on International Women’s Day let’s celebrate the achievements, determination and passion that made Sylvia Harper an Aussie tennis icon.

Sylvia was strong, determined and unrivalled, it’s easy to see why we named our latest dress after her, Harper Polo Dress.  Sylvia was born in 1895, she was rise through the tennis world showing her skill, talent and determination in every match.

Sylvia won the Australian Championships singles title in 1924.  In 1927 and 1930 she would take to the court and once again reach the finals, however she lost at these matches.

Harper also won the Women’s doubles titles in three consecutive years at the Australian Championships in 1923, 1924 and 1925. As Sylvia was smashing out history on the court, in Daking House, Sydney Lesley Winter Reid was starting our history as LW Reid.

In 1924, Sylvia Harper was ranked World number 10 in Women’s tennis.  In 2018, at LW Reid we celebrate over 95 years in business and continue to be inspired by many Aussies adding their story to our nation’s history.

Free Shipping is Back!

School Uniforms Online Free Shipping

Free Shipping is Back

We’ve made getting your summer uniforms a breeze this year with Free Shipping.  All you have to do is spend $75 or more on an order and you’ll receive free shipping.

This offer can’t last forever so jump over and get everything you need for the rest of the year.  Check out some of our great summer options.


Warm Up For Less This Winter!

We’ve added some great winter warmers to our clearance items.  Be quick these winter bargains are racing out the door!

Cheap School Uniforms Online

Warm Up For Less This Winter!

Hurry Free Shipping Ends 30 April!

school uniforms online

Hurry Free Shipping Ends 30 April!

The weather is headed towards winter and we’ve had to add jackets and jumpers to the start of the day this week.  There is only 1 day left to take up our Free Shipping offer when you purchase $99 with Made For School.

It’s easy to get all your Winter School Uniforms Online at Made For School as we’ve can keep you warm from your head to your toes.  Check out our massive range of smart, classic and comfortable winter warmers.  We’ve got beanies, scarves, tights, socks and everything in-between.  Our school shirts and skivvies are always popular in winter and our range of fleecy jumpers and track pants means the kids can stay warm no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Remember there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing so dress your kids in the best this winter and order their school uniforms online with Made For School.


Anzac Day 2017

Anzac Day 2017

Anzac Day 2017

Anzac Day is a day of remembering and honouring all Australians who have served and died in war or whilst serving our country. The spirit of the Anzac lives on through the many stories we share through the generations and indeed in our service men and women today.  The Anzac qualities of courage, sacrifice and mateship continue to be woven into our national identity and today we honour those who have served and those who have sacrificed for our freedom and the Australian way of life.

Our Great Uncle, Leslie Winter Reid served in the Australian Army in the first world war before returning back to Australia and starting up our family business, LW Reid.  Today, we continue to work with the values that Leslie established the business with; quality and service above all.

Today as families remember those who have served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, we will remember Leslie Winter Reid and the many other family members who have helped shape our nation and protect our freedom.

Lest we forget.

Don’t Be Left on the Hop

School Uniforms Online

We’re enjoying the final days of the holidays and are gearing up for term 2, I don;t want to be caught on the hop with the change of seasons!  This weather has been sensational but with term 2 starting for us on Wednesday I am more than aware that Jack Frost is coming along with foggy starts, minus temperatures and warmer clothes are a must!

We need more than a few layers to keep the kids warm and snug for school and the sidelines, but I’m amazed that my kids have managed to grow a foot in 6 months.  We’ve enjoyed the late start to the cooler weather and have managed to get all the winter uniforms ordered, delivered and washed while the sun is still giving some warmth.  If you’re yet to embrace the change that’s coming then I say stay outside and enjoy the weather while we take care of all the kid’s uniforms.
Enjoy Free Shipping for all your school uniforms online with Made For School when you spend $99 in April.  There’s never been better weather or a time to gear up for the change of seasons.  Head over and check out our great Cheap School Uniforms as well as all your winter schoolwear and more.  We’ve got everything you need from Beanies and Scarves to Skivvies, School Shirts, Sports Shirts, Jumpers, Vests, Jackets,  Track Pants, School Pants and more.

Don’t be left on the hop this month, shop school uniforms online today and we’ll deliver it to your desk or door so you’re set for the last month of autumn next week.


March Madness

At Made For School, we’ve gone a little mad, but it’s all good news for you.  For the month of March, you can get 10% off our Classic Higgins Polo Shirt.  This long time favourite polo is available in 25 colours and sizes 2 to 4XL so there’s a shirt for Harmony Day, school and play.

Don’t miss out on this madness it can only last for March!


March Madness

March Madness

Made For Carnivals

Swimming Carnivals

The excitement of the kid’s swimming carnival is consuming our house.  They are madly practising their house chants and ensuring they have everything in red for the big day on Friday!  At Made for School, we make sure you’re covered for every school event, from excursions to camp, to sports uniforms and house colours so our gear is Made For Carnivals as well.

Over the past few years of carnivals, I have learnt a few things that have made the day a little easier.  Swimming carnivals provide the most challenge because the kids need to change at some point.  Our Petrie Waterproof excursion bag is perfect for keeping things dry so I pack one for each of the kids to put their wet swimmers in.

We are all red in our family but no doubt that will change for high school.  Red works well for us as I’ve kitted the kids out in their favourite red gear.  Miss 10 loves the Wylie T-Shirt, it’s so soft and easy to pull off and on as her races are called.  Master 8 prefers our classic Higgins Polo and I enjoy the added protection on his neck when the collar is flicked up.  Both of these shirts are available in lots of house colours and are made from UPF rated fabric so they love the carnivals as much as the kids.

Master 8 can’t move past the Richards Rugby shorts, they are his favourite.  The drawcord waist keeps them where they are meant to be and the zippered pocket means he can have some tuckshop money for after his race.  Miss 10 can’t decide between the Lee Skirt and the Ross Microfibre Shorts.  Both of these are so comfy for sitting by the pool but I’m going for the shorts as they will keep a little more of her legs covered on the day.

This year Master 8 will be wearing our Baker Microfibre Legionnaire Cap as I know he is bound to get up to some water flicking during the day and this new cap can handle a few splashes.  Miss 10 will be wearing her favourite, the Gosse Microfibre Bucket Hat because this hat can cope with the many varied hairstyles that she comes up with.

Now that I’ve got their gear sorted and they have their chants, the only thing left is to practice diving and strokes so they can have a great time at the carnival on Friday.

Are you ready for the carnivals?