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New Car Seat Guidelines


New guidelines

New guidelines

There’s a new push to keep children in child restraints until they are either 12 years old or between 145 and 150cm tall.  Recently Kidsafe in conjunction with the Neuroscience Research Australia released new guidelines and best practice recommendations for children to be restrained in child restraints until a lot older and taller than our current laws state.

I’m all for safety and keeping our children as safe as possible and these guidelines will do just that.  However with such a difference in age from current laws to these recommendations what happens to the kids who are getting ready for middle primary and high school when they have been out of their boosters for the past couple of years?

If you’re interested in reading the recommendations you can head over to Kidsafe and have a read.



Seasons change, uniforms change.

I hope you are all enjoying this fine spring weather.  I just love the longer days, warmer weather and the smell of spring blossoms in the air.  It just delights my senses and I’m  eager to get things done.  On the weekend I started to change the wardrobes over, as we’re needing more summer clothing these days.  We have had official notice from the school and preschool that winter beanies can be tucked away until next year and summer hats and uniforms are now permitted.

I’m not sure what happens to my children over winter, but they are like mushrooms who grow in the dark!  Master 5 has outgrown all of his summer clothes  from the beginning of the year, whilst Miss 7’s dress is showing a little more of her pasty white winter legs, but I do love it.

If your children are like mine and have outgrown their summer uniforms, then check out our great summer gear, order now so you’re set for the warmer weather!

Seasons change

Enjoy your spring day,



Christmas Goodies – Part 1

Hey Merry Christmas!

This morning my daughter sat me down at breakfast to tell me all about how Christmas was just a few days away. I was only half paying attention until I realised how on the money she was. Any day now people will start breaking out all their Red Shirts & Hats, the kids will be home from School for the holidays from mid-next week. Here are a few ideas to keep them busy, this one will keep you cool too :)

Head over to Portable North Pole

Head over to Portable North Pole

With it so close I thought I’d share two of my favourite online christmas apps this year. If you’ve never got around to asking Santa to make a Portable North Pole video for your kids you are in for an awesome treat. Watching my daughters jaw drop to the desk the first year Santa sent her a video is an brilliant image I’ll never lose. Head over their now and kick it off – they’ve also done an amazing job with a new iPhone app for this year. Though if you’re like our house where we all share the one App Store account, remember to get over to your kids iPads/Pods to remove it again quick smart if you download it.

The second site is a brand new one I’ve just discovered today. You won’t be able to guess what these guys do from their name, but their are some creative guys for coming up with it – I wish I had. Head over to for a real treat.

For the past few years the kids and I have made silly Christmas videos, we still might do it, but dropping out heads into a pre-canned festive clip on JibJab is pretty attractive. Go check it out to create your own Festive fun in just a few clicks.

Finally Merry Christmas from Made For School – see you next week!


Training Wheels Are Off!

Our First Shipment

Our First Shipment

Come check it out:

It has been seven months since we first started out on this adventure. We’ve spent months getting everything ready, and can’t wait to get going. Yesterday we completed our final test sending the first satchel of goodies out into the big wide world. Earlier this morning it made it’s way to its destination. Elated, it was time to grab the spanner and rip the training wheels off!

We have a huge range of Australian School Uniforms and Sports Uniform online ready for you when you need it. Leave the queueing to someone else. WIth 1,072,927 items in stock right now, we’re ready to ship right around the country, straight to your door or desk. You’ll also find a whole lot of our gear suitable for Mums and Dads too.

This little clip sums it up perfectly:

Take a minute to go check out the site. We’re busting for feedback, so if you notice anything we could improve – let us know either in the comments below or email them to

Speak soon,


A Sign!

If you’ve been scratching your head just looking for any sign that we might actually open the doors some day, today I have one for you, literally…

Our 100th Like!

Hey thanks to all our recent fans, you’ve pushed us up to our 100th like!

We’ve had a great day at our very first photo shoot thanks to the help of some fantastic friends and family! Thanks to you all :)

Enjoy the break, we’ll catch you all soon!