Teacher’s Day 2017

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Teacher’s Day 2017

It Teacher’s Day tomorrow, a day when we celebrate all the wonderful teachers in our lives.  As a family, we have been very fortunate to have amazing teachers for our children.  Teachers who always go above and beyond to ensure our kids get the very best education they can.

The teachers I know are quiet achievers who always say that nothing is too much trouble.  They are the reassuring face at the start of the day when the tears begin and they are the kids biggest fans when they achieve a new skill or share an interest.  Sure, lots of people think it’s an easy job, look at all the holidays they get.  But they don’t get all those holidays because they are busy preparing for the next term of lessons and if they’re lucky they might enjoy a day or two of downtime.

Tomorrow, show the teachers that you think they are amazing, they are doing a very important job for our future and one that often lacks the recognition.

Happy Teachers Day fabulous teachers from the Made For School Team.