ANZAC Day 2020

We always commemorate ANZAC Day in our community but this year is proving a little different with social distancing restrictions. Like many other Aussie families and communities, we’re learning to be creative so that we can achieve what we want to do, without breaking laws of course.

ANZAC Day is a time to come together as a country and pay tribute and honour those who have served our country and given us our freedoms today. Sadly, we have lost brave Aussies who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

Lesley Winter Reid returned from the Great War, having lost his brother Stanley, and many mates, and began our business LW Reid. We will always honour him and ANZAC Day gives us a time to remember him.

Driveway services will be held this year as we practice social distancing. We are fortunate to have a neighbour who will be guiding our service by playing the Last Post and Reveille. We have made this Rosemary wreath to hold whilst we remember other friends and family members who have served our country. If you’d like to make one follow the directions below.

What you need:

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Long nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen Twine
  • Rosemary

How to make the Wreath

Rosemary Wreath for ANZAC Day

Using the pliers, bend the coat hanger into a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you will cover it in rosemary.

Wash and dry your rosemary if you want to keep it for use in the kitchen. Cut 10-15cm lengths of rosemary and bundle them up into 4-6 pieces.

Using the kitchen twine secure the bunches around the frame. I secured some of the longer pieces as well so they didn’t fall forward when I hold it up.

Keep going until you have finished the whole frame. Turn over and cut all the lose twine off and you’re ready for ANZAC Day tomorrow.

If you want to talk to the kids about ANZAC Day, head over to the Australian War Memorial site and take a look at all the resources they have online for kids.

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