Christmas Hairstyles for Girls

Christmas is a wonderful time to get creative and whilst I tend to stick in the kitchen my sister-in-law introduced me to the Rudolph hair style and I was hooked.  Miss 7 and I got creating and inventing all sorts of Christmas styles we could make with this idea.    She has worn them to school this week and the result was loads of smiles.  She keeps making up more ideas so it looks like we have another date with the glue gun this weekend.  Just remember when you’re doing them to have the school hat handy so you get the bun in the right place to make sure the hat can still get worn at lunch and recess.  Miss 7 removed Santa’s hat to pop her own on instead at these play times.

Christmas Hairstyles for Girls

Christmas Hairstyles for Girls

Click the links to find out how you can make Rudolph’s face and Santa’s face in a hairstyle.

Get creative this weekend with the kids and look out for a couple more styles next week,



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