Winter Uniforms Sorted!

School Uniforms Online

It’s been a big weekend of fooling around with April Fool’s Day on Saturday.  The winner of the weekend for jokes would have to be Ikea with their FLIKEA launch, it sucked in a few of my friends and had me in stitches.

Buying school uniforms is no laughing matter and normally involves a fair bit of protesting and debating so we’ve jumped on board to make your holidays more enjoyable this month.

Get the kid’s school uniforms online at Made For School in the month of April and receive Free Shipping when you spend $99 with us.  There’s never been an easier way to get the kids winter schoolwear online.

We’ve got all your schoolwear needs in one place.  From Beanies to Socks, Scarfs, Jumpers, Jackets, School Shirts, Pants, Track Pants and more, we make school uniform shopping a breeze.

Don’t miss out on Free Shipping in April, jump online and sort the winter uniforms today.


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