Christmas Begins

Christmas Begins

Christmas Begins

The Christmas decorations went up this weekend in many houses.  For us it was a mixed bag of delight and frustration.  We had been talking about it all week, the kids were excited and counting down to Sunday when Daddy would pull the boxes down from the roof.  In the past I have decorated the house whilst the children have been at school or preschool however this year I decided to get them involved, wrong move!

Daddy kindly passed down the 20 plus boxes of decorations and we put them throughout the house. Master 5 was only interested in his singing santa and musical car decoration which of course I couldn’t find until box number 10.  Miss 7 was all excited and quickly unpacked the kids Christmas tree decorations all over the toy room floor.  Whilst she promptly instructed Master 5 to put the baubles on, he was all out when he hung the fifth one and her frustration level hit the roof.  I was busily trying to unpack the large tree in the family room and whilst tying the tree skirt on Master 5 had put himself into the Christmas tree box and asked if he could use it to build a spaceship.  A simple request which was met with a glittery “no buddy, that’s the box for the tree”.  Then I got the “can I help?” , knowing that his tolerance of hanging baubles was 5 I said sure and he lost interest with the third bauble.  Thirty minutes later as I’m covered in loose glitter and the tree now has lights, a skirt and Master 5’s 3 baubles, he’s running through the house with the tinsel asking where our large Santa is.  Miss 7 was persevering with the decorating and now she had emptied all the kids decorations on the floor and seemed overwhelmed with all the shiny decorations she had to put up.

One stand out moment for me was the kids putting the star on their tree, they cooperate and make a wish at the same time, it’s magical.  This time when they put the star on the tree I heard Master 5 saying “I wish for a new monster truck, thank you” and now they keep looking around the house for elves watching them.  I think this might be the year when we get elf on a shelf.

How are your Christmas preparations going?


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