First School Holidays

It’s school holidays, what are you looking forward to?  Master 5 woke today and told me it was a long weekend, he’s still grasping the concept of school holidays.  So when I explained that he has 15 days at home with no school, he was jumping around telling me all the things he was going to do in the holidays.  I must admit I love that there’s no routine of being out of the house in time for the school bell, no after school activities and the freedom of being ourselves for a little while is exciting.

Our holidays tend to run like this.  The first few days, the kids test and attempt to realise that they can actually spend time together without fighting,  they are an intense couple of days.  Next comes the excitement of fitting in a million playdates, visiting every exhibition, depleting the craft supplies to a mere pipe cleaner through hours of creating, (read cleaning glue & glitter off the floor), and then the holidays are whittled down to one more day when we finally decide to have a chill out day.

These holidays I’m trying to go a little slower we’ve got some nice Easter things planned and a few play dates.  We’re still up to discovering that siblings cooperate and play together nicely, I’m hoping we do this today. Whilst I often fantasize about holidays consisting of sleep in’s, lazy days of snuggles and playing together, life is often far busier than my dreamy world.  In reality this is how it rolls in our house;

School Holidays

How are your holidays going?


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