Add a Layer and Win Winter


Looking at the weather forecast we are set to enjoy the last few warmer weather days so this week I will be filling the washing machine and line with all the winter layers, so we’re ready for when the chilly starts begin.

I can’t believe how much my kids have shot up since they were in their winter uniforms!  Master 7’s cargo pants are somewhere in between being  7/8’s and 3/4 length.  Sure I know we are in the change of season but his shoes need to have a party and invite his pants down, or I need to order him some new ones.  I’ll be doing the later, even though he did laugh at my silly humour.  We will be adding a layer for the last two days of our term as the overnight temperatures will be dipping to make for a chilly, or refreshing start to the day whichever way you look at it. On the cooler mornings, my kids love their soft Kieran jackets because they feel like they are getting a warm hug all day from the soft lining.

If your kids are like mine and showing a little too much leg and arms with their long pants and jackets then now is the best time to buy from Made For School.  If you place an order over $90, you will get a chance to win $500 in-store credit, that could kit the kids out for winter!  Tackle the wardrobes and beat winter off with a winter uniform ready for term 2!


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