Made For Carnivals

Swimming Carnivals

The excitement of the kid’s swimming carnival is consuming our house.  They are madly practising their house chants and ensuring they have everything in red for the big day on Friday!  At Made for School, we make sure you’re covered for every school event, from excursions to camp, to sports uniforms and house colours so our gear is Made For Carnivals as well.

Over the past few years of carnivals, I have learnt a few things that have made the day a little easier.  Swimming carnivals provide the most challenge because the kids need to change at some point.  Our Petrie Waterproof excursion bag is perfect for keeping things dry so I pack one for each of the kids to put their wet swimmers in.

We are all red in our family but no doubt that will change for high school.  Red works well for us as I’ve kitted the kids out in their favourite red gear.  Miss 10 loves the Wylie T-Shirt, it’s so soft and easy to pull off and on as her races are called.  Master 8 prefers our classic Higgins Polo and I enjoy the added protection on his neck when the collar is flicked up.  Both of these shirts are available in lots of house colours and are made from UPF rated fabric so they love the carnivals as much as the kids.

Master 8 can’t move past the Richards Rugby shorts, they are his favourite.  The drawcord waist keeps them where they are meant to be and the zippered pocket means he can have some tuckshop money for after his race.  Miss 10 can’t decide between the Lee Skirt and the Ross Microfibre Shorts.  Both of these are so comfy for sitting by the pool but I’m going for the shorts as they will keep a little more of her legs covered on the day.

This year Master 8 will be wearing our Baker Microfibre Legionnaire Cap as I know he is bound to get up to some water flicking during the day and this new cap can handle a few splashes.  Miss 10 will be wearing her favourite, the Gosse Microfibre Bucket Hat because this hat can cope with the many varied hairstyles that she comes up with.

Now that I’ve got their gear sorted and they have their chants, the only thing left is to practice diving and strokes so they can have a great time at the carnival on Friday.

Are you ready for the carnivals?