Don’t Be Left on the Hop

School Uniforms Online

We’re enjoying the final days of the holidays and are gearing up for term 2, I don;t want to be caught on the hop with the change of seasons!  This weather has been sensational but with term 2 starting for us on Wednesday I am more than aware that Jack Frost is coming along with foggy starts, minus temperatures and warmer clothes are a must!

We need more than a few layers to keep the kids warm and snug for school and the sidelines, but I’m amazed that my kids have managed to grow a foot in 6 months.  We’ve enjoyed the late start to the cooler weather and have managed to get all the winter uniforms ordered, delivered and washed while the sun is still giving some warmth.  If you’re yet to embrace the change that’s coming then I say stay outside and enjoy the weather while we take care of all the kid’s uniforms.
Enjoy Free Shipping for all your school uniforms online with Made For School when you spend $99 in April.  There’s never been better weather or a time to gear up for the change of seasons.  Head over and check out our great Cheap School Uniforms as well as all your winter schoolwear and more.  We’ve got everything you need from Beanies and Scarves to Skivvies, School Shirts, Sports Shirts, Jumpers, Vests, Jackets,  Track Pants, School Pants and more.

Don’t be left on the hop this month, shop school uniforms online today and we’ll deliver it to your desk or door so you’re set for the last month of autumn next week.


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