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Top 9 in 2019

Best School Uniforms in 2019
Top 9 in 2019

We hope that 2019 has been a wonderful year for you all. For us, it has been a blast! We’ve been so very fortunate to be welcomed into your families and hopefully we’ve managed to make life just a little easier as you shop school uniforms online at Made For School.

Like everyone else we love reflecting on the year as it draws to an end. We’ve pulled together our top 9 products as voted by you!

Here are the winners of 2019;

  1. Always a winner our Higgins Pique Polo has been through it all with you this year. It’s shared the first day of school, the first award and even the last day of school. Always out to celebrate the Higgins comes in over 25 colours so you can celebrate your house, your community and your family. Available in sizes for the whole family this shirt has your back!
  2. Finishing uniforms off in style is what our Howitt School Socks do best! They comfort you from the tanbark in the playground, they protect you from the itches of the classroom carpet and they love any adventure you take them on. The only trouble is they are often missing their mate when one makes it to the washing but the other one is still MIA. You can see why our Howitt School Socks remain a faithful winner.
  3. Whether it’s a spelling competition or a cartwheel off on the oval our Lee Sport Skort with shorts always has your girl covered! Loved for the comfort and coverage it provides, this smart sport skort is all round winner!
  4. Our Thurgood Fleecy Track Pants are a winter winner! Made from soft fleece and featuring cuffs at the ankle they are the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Available in a range of colours and sizes, the whole family can snuggle up in these.
  5. Ross Microfibre School Shorts remain a firm favourite with families. Made from crease resistant and water repellent microfibre they are a laundry winner! Saving ironing time and giving all day comfort, it’s easy to see why these shorts remain a faithful favourite year after year.
  6. Saving time from blowouts on the knees, our Deniehy school pants with double knee are a clear winner in the school pants arena. Smart, comfortable and practical is what these pants do best!
  7. Keeping necks warm for another year is our winner winter top, the Nicholls skivvy. Perfect under tunics and dresses or adding a layer under a jacket, it’s easy to see why our Nichols School Skivvy is a winner year after year.
  8. Arabanoo Gaberdine School Shorts are comfort and style all in one neat package. Supporting your kids through school photos, assembly, presentation day and more, our crease resistant school shorts hold up and support your kids no matter what challenge they face.
  9. Surviving the toughest of handle and being squashed into a pocket or the school bag, our Gosse Microfibre Bucket Hat is the winner of our hats. The crown cord keeps the hat in place ensuring there is no more lost playtime for being without a hat. Whether it’s climbing equipment, going on an excursion or hitting an ace at handball, this hat can handle it all.

What is your favourite Made For School Product? Log in and leave us a review, we’d love to know what you think.