Christmas Goodies – Part 1

Hey Merry Christmas!

This morning my daughter sat me down at breakfast to tell me all about how Christmas was just a few days away. I was only half paying attention until I realised how on the money she was. Any day now people will start breaking out all their Red Shirts & Hats, the kids will be home from School for the holidays from mid-next week. Here are a few ideas to keep them busy, this one will keep you cool too :)

Head over to Portable North Pole

Head over to Portable North Pole

With it so close I thought I’d share two of my favourite online christmas apps this year. If you’ve never got around to asking Santa to make a Portable North Pole video for your kids you are in for an awesome treat. Watching my daughters jaw drop to the desk the first year Santa sent her a video is an brilliant image I’ll never lose. Head over their now and kick it off – they’ve also done an amazing job with a new iPhone app for this year. Though if you’re like our house where we all share the one App Store account, remember to get over to your kids iPads/Pods to remove it again quick smart if you download it.

The second site is a brand new one I’ve just discovered today. You won’t be able to guess what these guys do from their name, but their are some creative guys for coming up with it – I wish I had. Head over to for a real treat.

For the past few years the kids and I have made silly Christmas videos, we still might do it, but dropping out heads into a pre-canned festive clip on JibJab is pretty attractive. Go check it out to create your own Festive fun in just a few clicks.

Finally Merry Christmas from Made For School – see you next week!


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