Easter Lunch Box Ideas

Easter Lunch Box Ideas

Easter Lunch Box Ideas

We’re nearing the end of first term and I am definitely in a rut for the kids lunch boxes.  Thankfully with Easter around the corner my inspiration was ignited with these plastic eggs available at Aldi, Spotlight and Woolworths.  I have bought eggs in three different sizes and the kids have already enjoyed opening their eggs to see what’s inside, it’s like their own little kinder surprise and now with only days left I’m still enjoying packing the lunches and the kids are enjoying eating them.

As you can see I’m fan of cookie cutters and use them to jazz up food for the kids.  I’m not sure they get a huge buzz out of it but I certainly do.  In this lunch box I packed;

Pink egg – Strawberries

Blue egg – Blueberries

Yellow Egg – Strawberries

Purple Egg – boiled egg

Then I simply added some Easter picks from the $2 shop to the yoghurt and muesli, & cucumber with cheese hearts.

Do you have fun with the kids lunch boxes at Easter?  What will you be sending in for the last day of school?


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